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Breeze Plus Zero Nic

New Zero Nic Breeze Plus! If you are looking to reduce your nicotine consumption while still experiencing the sensation of vaping, this product is for you. The same great flavor as the original Breeze Plus but with zero Nicotine. Features 800 puffs, 3.5 mL capacity & a powerful 650 mAh battery.

Blueberry Lemon Zero Nic

Blueberry Lemon is bursting with sweet and ripe berries and fresh squeezed lemonade. Your taste buds won’t be able to resist this delightfully sweet and tart flavor!

Blueberry Mint Zero Nic

This delightfully sweet and juicy blueberry mint vape is bursting with fruity flavor and a smooth menthol finish.

Cherry Lemon Zero Nic

Sweet cherries and sour lemons make this a delightful vape flavor combination.

Lemon Mint Zero Nic

Experience the tangy and sweet flavor of fresh lemons with a minty finish in this delightful lemon mint vape.

Mint Zero Nic

Mint is a perfect blend of spearmint and sweet mint with an icy finish. The invigorating flavor of mint with have you feeling awake and refreshed all day long.

Peach Mango Zero Nic

This flavor mixes the taste of a juicy peach with the flavor of tropical mango. Our Peach Mango flavor creates a delectable, juicy vapor experience.

Pink Lemonade Zero Nic

Your new favorite pink lemonade vape! Full of zesty and sweet lemon flavor.

Strawberry Cream ZeroNic

Ripe strawberries dipped in fresh sweetened whipped cream. You will love this smooth vaping experience.

Strawberry Mint Zero Nic

Strawberry Mint is a blend of sweet and tart summer strawberry with icy finish that will invigorate the senses. It will transport you to a breezy strawberry field of your dreams.

Watermelon Mint Zero Nic

Watermelon Mint is a mixture of sweet watermelon with an icy menthol finish that will awaken the senses. The combination of fruit and menthol will provide a sweet and cool experience all day long!

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