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Goodbye to twist-ons, pods, and headaches.
Say hello to Breeze Canna.

Our Breeze Canna THC Vape Pen is the latest pen on the market in 10+ delicious flavors. It’s compact and discreet and offers a quick and effective way for you to experience the effects of your medication. Simply inhale from any of our cartridges to get instant relief from pain and inflammation. 

* Please Note: These products are only available at Michigan state-licensed dispensaries. *

Banana Orange Smoothie

Bold, ripe banana balanced with notes of orange and tangy yogurt.

Berry Bomb Pop

Summertime vibes with raspberry, cherry, and citrus.

Blueberry Pie

Mounds of ripe summer blueberries with hints of buttery crust and a dollop of cream.

Bursting Blueberry Lemonade

An ideal balance of bright lemon and sweet berries.

Cherry Lemon Mango

Like popping a handful of assorted gummy candies into your mouth.

Grape Gusher

That refreshing grape soda flavor you know and love.

Juicy Fruit Punch

Sweet and tangy fruit with tropical beach vibes.

Rainbow Sherbert

A rich medley of citrus and berries.

Strawberry Cream

Fresh, juicy strawberries with a subtle finish of cream.

Watermelon Wave

A slice of sweet and fresh ripe watermelon in every puff.

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